Terms of service


  • i accept paypal (USD)

  • if you have a different currency, you must convert to (USD)

  • Payment is required after you confirm you're happy with the arts sketch/pose

  • No refunds

  • you have the right to ask me to keep your commission private/not publish it

  • don't delete the arts signature

  • credit the artist


  • Upon purchase you can use the character for RP, prints, etc.

  • You can trade the character

  • You can resell the character

  • You can use the character for commercial purposes

  • Give credit for the artwork/character design

  • Do NOT remove the signature from the original art of the character

I Don'T DRAw

  • Gore

  • Violent/offensive content

  • Heavy NSFW

  • I have the right to refuse to draw art that i find too difficult/not suitable, upon discussion

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